one shape - many forms

a modular geometry building system

assemble the modulumi flex-piece in countless ways to create your own kinetic light sculptures!

designed & handmade in USA • patent pending

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easily build and re-build



modulumi is made of a beautiful, smooth, water and tear-resistant polypropylene that is pleasing to the touch. The live hinges are designed to be flexed over, and over, and over.


Flexible System

modulumi comes in sets of 30 flex pieces. These identical elements are designed to fit together in a variety of ways to form three-dimensional structures. In this example, a small pyramid is formed by assembling three pieces. The pyramid is ready to join other pieces to become part of a larger stellation. The resulting structure is strong, yet flexible and lightweight.


Interactive Forms

modulumi allows you to build forms that respond to handling and transform under pressure. Different structures have different traits you can feel.


Geometric Lantern

LED light and batteries are included in every 30-piece set! The phenomenal geometric sculptures you build come to life at night, transitioning smoothly through a spectrum of color. It’s LIT!

Made using a hand-powered method in our design studio.

Hand-powered?? Yep. Our main method of production uses zero electricity. We use muscle power to manually pull raw material between a plate of precision blades and a heavy cylinder. After each piece is plucked from the blades, it’s cleaned of debris and sorted by hand into sets of 30. We design and make the packaging in a similar way. All of the materials we use are 100% recyclable, and made to last.

We take the responsibility to make sustainable products seriously. This leading principle has informed our design from the very beginning. ❤️🌎

LED light and batteries are included.


LED light and batteries are included.

30 Piece Set
3 Sets - 90 Pieces