Designed & made by the same hands

modulumi is designed & made in our private design studio near Atlanta, GA. It was created out of curiosity - how can we construct and deconstruct modular elements in a way that allows for easy exploration of different geometric forms? The journey took us through dozens of design cycles until we arrived at an elegant solution - the modulumi system. It combines traditional origami elements with an integrated, easy-to-use fastener. And we haven’t stopped there... 😉

We are a small, private, family-owned business. We are cousins, designers & artists who love making things. We are first generation Bulgarian Americans. We have lived, loved, studied, and worked in Atlanta since 1997.

Nikola Kolev appears to levitate a  modu lumi Supernova.
Slav Tringov appears to levitate a  modu lumi Supernova.

Nikola Kolev & Slav Tringov