30 Piece Set

30 Piece Set


The one set to get you started, it builds a North Star, or a variety of other forms.

Each set is made in our private design studio. Orders are shipped and processed within a week.

A set comes in a custom designed box that includes:

  • 30 flex pieces that allow for repeated assembly of a variety of beautiful geometric forms

  • 1 smooth color changing LED light that is small, durable, and water-resistant with batteries included


How many sets to build this?


North Star

a.k.a. great stellated dodecahedron

A perfectly symmetrical star that fits in the palm of your hand.

Build with 1 set, using 30 flex-pieces.



a.k.a. final stellation of the icosahedron

A superstar transformer that POPS!

Build with 3 sets, using 90 flex-pieces.